What is an SCNO project cycle like?

Each project cycle typically lasts 13-15 weeks and is led by a Team Lead who is supported by 3-5 Consultants. Throughout the cycle, the team will perform thorough research, meet with clients, and create compelling solutions to be put together for a final presentation to the nonprofit client's board.

Can I join SCNO even though I have no consulting experience?

Yes! SCNO at UCI is open to all undergraduates. Our members major in everything from Business Administration to Philosophy. Our student consultants undergo comprehensive training and participate in interactive workshops. Throughout the project cycle, student consultants have mentors and a board of advisers to connect with.

Can I join SCNO if I'm graduating or studying abroad this year?

SCNO at UCI recruits student consultants for the entire school year so they can receive proper training before engaging in a client project. So we can best anticipate consultant availability and ensure consultants have time to meet project needs, please apply in the academic school year you are physically present for and wish to participate in. Due to changing needs quarter to quarter, SCNO at UCI is unable to offer consultants deferment of club membership.

How will SCNO at UCI benefit me?

As a student consultant, you will gain leadership experience, work on real consulting projects, build your resume, and give back to the community. For more information, visit our student development page.

What makes SCNO different from other campus clubs?

As a member of SCNO at UCI, your time is valued and taken seriously. You'll gain hands-on business experience through client engagements, interact with professionals, serve your community, and actively participate in every project. We're focused on doing real work that benefits great nonprofits in our area, and your contributions will have a meaningful impact at every step.


What is the application/interview process like?

We require a short application and resume that we'll screen. Afterwards, we'll invite some applicants to a short behavioral interview to better understand their interest in SCNO and prior experiences. The final round consists of a 40-minute group case interview that will ultimately determine who's invited to join our group.

What is SCNO looking for in applicants?

SCNO doesn't require its members to have prior consulting or extensive business experience. More important to us are a genuine interest in working with nonprofits, problem solving skills, critical thinking ability, and demonstrated teamwork. Our application and interview process are designed to test and identify these traits without requiring prior experience.

How can I prepare for the case interview?

The SCNO case interview isn't structured like traditional case studies. We're sure that those with the above traits and commitment to their professional selves can shine during our interview. There are no mental math games, consulting frameworks, or rigid business practices to practice or perfect.

What are my chances of getting into SCNO?

Due to changing membership numbers and dynamic client needs, we can't give an exact number (or even reasonably good range) of consultants we're looking for each year. It's a cop out, but we hope you'll instead focus on highlighting your experiences and background during the application process. We've never had to turn away people we thought were a good fit, and we're willing to adapt our group size to accommodate that. 

How can I join SCNO?

The application for Winter 2020 is now live. Please visit our "How to Apply" page for more information and to fill out the application. Apps are due Tuesday of Week 5 (Feb. 4) at 8:59 PM.