Thinking about becoming a student consultant?

 SCNO at UCI offers students a wide scope of experience, ranging from professionalism, community service, and academic implementation.

Your Opportunities

As an organization founded on the emphasis of academic application, students are expected to lead and strategize in their teams, working cooperatively with other passionate and experienced members to develop a 15-week project to provide insight and results to their client. Utilizing team-based skills of professionalism, analysis, and quick and adaptive learning, you will gain the opportunities as a student consultant to hone your abilities and challenge yourself in an environment of like-minded peers.

Your Career as a Student Consultant

Associate Consultant
Senior Consultant
Board Member
Team Lead

Your Path

Experience is our core motive. As an applicant transitioning into the organization, you will begin your journey as an associate consultant and be expected to adapt quickly to learn the ropes of becoming a senior consultant. It is imperative for our members to continue growing, both professionally and as a leader, for as we hope to utilize the talent of our members in forming a successful cohort of team leads and executive board members.

Student Development

SCNO at UCI provides members the unique opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a professional setting and make an impact on the lives of thousands. While many undergraduate organizations offer valuable information through speakers and panels, SCNO empowers members to become active participants, working on their own projects rather than acting as passive listeners. Through this practical experience, they are able to gain a competitive edge in the workplace and benefit in a number of other ways.


Challenge yourself to become a Team Lead or apply to for an Executive Board position. Develop your leadership abilities in a challenging, client-focused environment alongside your peers.


 Develop lasting relationships with talented individuals, UCI faculty/staff, and experienced professionals. Open your doors the rigorous world of consulting and non-profits alike.

Consulting Experience

Impress employers with your unique experiences in the professional consulting world. Hone your skills in leadership development, team-management, presentation, adaptive learning, etc.

Professional Development

 Improve your problem solving, project management, team building skills, and more.

Community Service

Impact your community and improve the lives of others by helping non-profits further their missions.

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