Who does SCNO at UCI consult for?

SCNO at UCI consults only for registered 501c3 non-profit organizations who are located in the Los Angeles/Orange County geographic area. Beyond that, we're not limited to any particular type of or size nonprofit. 

How much does SCNO at UCI's business consulting services cost?

All of our business consulting engagements are provided free of charge to our clients. Due to the volunteer and student nature of our services, SCNO seeks the engagements we feel are the best fit for our group. 

Does SCNO implement recommendations?

Due to limited resources, SCNO at UCI is unable to implement recommendations. However, each client engagement is given considerable attention and care, and our recommendations take into account the feasibility to implement by the client.​

Why should I consider SCNO at UCI a resource that will help my non-profit succeed?

SCNO at UCI consists of bright and talented undergraduate students who not only excel in their academics but have significant and relevant work experiences. These student consultants are mentored by industry professionals.