SCNO at UCI offers a variety of services to our non-profit partners, with a dedication to satisfying our clients' needs through careful planning, strategy, and goal-setting.


SCNO at UCI strives to thoroughly understand its clients’ needs in order to develop the best solutions possible for each non-profit organization. The project cycle begins with an initial planning meeting between the student consultants and leaders of the non-profit organization. During this meeting, the parties will discuss the details of the consulting engagement and define the scope of the project.


Over the course of the project cycle, the student consultants will work in teams to conduct research and brainstorm solutions for their non-profit client. The student consultants will keep the client updated on their progress and both parties will discuss any additional information or developments that may be valuable to consider in the process.


At the end of the project cycle, SCNO at UCI will invite the non-profit client to attend the final project presentation. The student consultant team will present their recommendations as well as answer any questions that the non-profit client may have. The client will also receive the final deliverable containing an in-depth proposal of the recommendations and solutions.